Current issues of Fundamenta Informaticae

This page is dedicated to presentation of most current issues of Fundamenta Informaticae (FI). On this page you may find the information about contents of forthcoming issues. Issues presented on this page are already sent to printing, but may not yet be available in the electronic form from FI archive at IOS Press.


This page is meant for information purposes only. For the purpose of reading and referencing full texts of FI articles, please use the official FI archive at IOS Press ( Please be aware that on rare occasions there may be discrepancies between  numbering presented on this page and page numbers in actual, printed volumes.

The last published volume is 146 issues 1-2 (2016).

Volume 147 an remainder of  146 (2016) are currently processed by the publisher and should be avaliable soon.

For already printed issues visit the official FI archive at IOS Press (