Corrigendum: References to a grant

On request of one of the authors the reference to the grant NCN DEC-2013/09/B/ST6/01568 is hereby cancelled from the following articles published in Fundamenta Informaticae:
  1. Jankowski, A., Skowron, A., Swiniarski, R, Interactive Complex Granules, Fundamenta Informaticae 133 (2-3) 181-196 (2014)
  2. Dutta. S., Skowron A., Generalized quantifiers in the context of rough set semantics, Fundamenta Informaticae 142 (1-4) 213-236 (2015)
  3. Skowron A., Jankowski A., Rough Sets and Interactive, Fundamenta Informaticae 147 (2-3) 371-385 (2016)
  4. Jankowski, A., Skowron, A.,Wasilewski, P., Rough sets and soritesparadox, Fundamenta Informaticae 157(4) 371-384 (2018)

Damian Niwiński

Editor-in-Chief of Fundamenta Informaticae